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Have you ever wondered how some companies are able to lay hold on your email address in order to send spam mails to you? Or have you ever wondered how some sites like Google are able to open pages according to the country or region you stay? How do you think hackers are able to have access to the information you share online? These questions will remain unanswered until you understand what an internet protocol address is.

An IP address is a set of numbers, which are in decimal forms, assigned to each computer in a network. It is a very important component in internet communication because it determines the destination of every information sent through this network. It is usually assigned to each computer by the ISP. Therefore, one can say that the IP address helps you connect to other people elsewhere on the internet.

The most prevalent problem of using the internet is hacking. When hackers get to know your unique address, there is no limit to the information they can gather on you. In fact, they can get to know your location, phone numbers and even all your account details. With this, any hacker can successfully use your identity to access your private accounts online.

Even sites you visit have a way of copying your address in order to monitor your activities when next you visit the site. Through this data, they can get personal information on you such as your email address which can then be sold to marketing companies. This explains the spam mails you get regularly.
Sites like Google also use your IP address to know your location so they can give you results related to your region.

Thankfully, with the improvements in technology, you can be a step ahead of any hacker by anonymously surfing the web. The only way to do this is by keeping your personal identity protected. In order to make any malicious internet worker confounded, you need to hide your real unique data by masking it with another one so that anyone who tries to trace this address will end up hitting bags of sand.
By installing IP-hiding software on your computer, you can easily surf the web anonymously. The software will hide your IP by assigning to your computer a different address of your choice. This will make you go to any website and even shop online without worries of hacking or spam mails.

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