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Need to store things online for either hacking purposes or personal purposes?
Then do it on Googles Gmail for free.

Lets begin
(Only windows XP,Vista,7)
You may want to create another Gmail account and not use your own personal one due to the
fact when you upload the files it will come up as your emails.
Trust me it looks annoying.Just use the new one for online storage only.

Download Gmail Drive from filehippo here:
Click To Download

The file you downloaded will be in a zip file.
Extract the files into a New folder like this

[Image: newfolder.jpg]

Double click "setup" and the will program install automatically on your computer.
Might tell you to restart your computer
Go to "My Computer" or "Computer"
You will see the GMail Drive installed like this

[Image: gmaildrive.jpg]

Double click GMail Drive and it will prompt you to sign into your gmail account.

[Image: gmaildrive2.jpg]

There you go now your done.All you do is drag the files you want to put into storage into the GMail Drive. 
You will then get a email on Gmail about the file being uploaded.

Video Tutorials: