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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse has been finally been unveiled to the world. It is one sexy looking mouse by Microsoft with a design very similar to the last-generation Arc Mouse by Microsoft, except that this one has touch-sensitive shell on top, and you can curve and straighten it anyway you like! awesome isn’t it?


Of course it hasn’t been announced by Microsoft yet. These images were taken off from a German online store which is displaying it for October 13th availability. It was first earlier this month when Twitter account of Microsoft Hardware teased a couple of images of this mysterious looking “flat” and “touchy” device.
According to the German online store, features of Arc Touch mouse are as follows:
  • Touch Scrolling
  • Battery Indicator
  • The ability to track on any sort of surface (glass, wood etc.)
  • 2.4 GHz nano transceiver which plugs into USB 


You will be able to grab Microsoft Arc Touch mouse for a price of €69.99 in Europe, or for $69.95 in US. [via Engadget]