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Viruses can be a nuisance, especially if you’ve tried every measure but still find them lurking in some software or hardware piece and significantly affecting your work. And after having tried several antivirus applications, if you still don’t get the desired results, then you’re just left with one final resort–to perform a full PC reinstall. But before you take this drastic measure, there is one more option you should execute. Run a Norton Power Eraser aggressive virus removal scan. However, keep in mind that this program is only to be tried as a last resort, if everything else fails!

On the main interface, you will find two options: Scan for Risks and Undo Past Repair Sessions.


Hit Scan to perform a full system scan.


You can specify location of log file in Settings, which is created to record scan activity. There is also an option to select a detection mode from Normal or Aggressive, by default Normal is selected. According to the product instructions, Aggressive mode is only to be used when all other modes of removing computer threats have exhausted.


A light-weight malware and virus removal application that simplifies the task of destroying viruses; however, the application showed some problem connecting to the Norton server while the scan was being performed. If these bugs are fixed, and if the application manages to quickly install the latest definitions, then this program can certainly prove to be a lot more useful.

It supports Windows 7; testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Norton Power Eraser