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When every time windows 7 startup, most of windows 7 user will listen windows start sound appear if your computer sound system is activated. However, Windows start up sound is some thing which you may not want to hear every time, specially when you are booting your computer in room and it may disturb others, or in some cases there are people who are annoyed by the sound everytime windows boots up.

For all those who would like to remove the Windows 7 start up sound and make windows silent. Below is some simple step to silent Windows Startup sound.

How to silent Windows Start Up Sound:

1. Once windows 7 is loaded, press Window Key+R or locate Start Menu button-> Navigate to “Run” and type in “mmsys.cpl”. Then press Enter key or clock ok button.

2. A windows sound dialogue window will be open, click on Sound tab then locate the checkbox which says Play Windows start up sound at the bottom of the dialogue window and uncheck the checkbox as shown in the image below.

3. Click apply button, that’s it done. Windows 7 will now boot up silently every time you boot it.