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KEmulator is a mobile java game emulator, KEmulator provides kinds of utilities making our developers more effectively, and it supports most of the popular mobile platforms. Whats more is that with this application you can even open java apps like opera mini, ucweb, etc. as such as you open it from your phone (including net facilities)
about KEmulator Lite version :
KEmulator Lite version is free and it has all the features necessary, like jsr75, proxy input, screen size adjustment, keypad mapping etc
It's written in java, and the UI is based on SWT win32. Now, the follow APIs are implemented: 
  • MIDP 2.0(JSR118)
  • NokiaUI 1.1
  • Samsung 1.0
  • Sprint pcs
  • M3G 1.1(JSR184)
  • OpenGL ES(JSR239)
  • WMA1.0(JSR120)
  • Bluetooth(JSR82)
  • PDA PIM(JSR75)
System Requirement :
  • Windows 2000 or later
  • JDK1.4.2 or later
Run KEmulator.exe
  • Menu: Midlet->Load Jar/Load with console.
  • Drag a *.jar into the shell, as the Drag & Drop of Windows
Useful Tips of KEmulator
  • Zoom in/out, default 200%
  • Ticks, design for GD(Game Designer) as a timer.
  • Capture/Record, save to "/capture" folder.
  • Speed up/Down, speed up the game rate.
  • Record keys/Enable Autoplay, refer to the Autoplay.
  • Custom settings:
  • Key Map:
  • System settings:
Auto-play Records
  • Select "Tool" -> "Record Keys".
  • Select "View" -> "Options" -> "Key Map" -> "Enable Key Cache". (it makes the key play-back accurately)
  • Launch a game, and play it. All your key presses are recorded, saved to "/records" folder.
  • Then, your can launch the record from "Midlet" -> "Load auto-play record". The emulator will play back all your have done.
download KEmulator lite version 0.9.8 from here