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These are some useful online tools which can make your work easier and faster because you don't have to download any software to do your work. Just put in your input and get your work done.

1.Convert Files

Easily convert different file formats. You can convert images, download YouTube video and much more with this web tool.

2. Joongel

Are you a power searcher? Then this tool this for you. You simultaneously search different search engines in different categories. It can be very useful if you are doing an online research.

3. Quick Thumbnail

Simply create thumbnails in different sizes right from your browser. You can upload an image from your computer or web directory and choose sizes of the thumbnails you want.

4. ScreenCastle

Have you ever wondered if you would be able record your screen right from your computer without any software? Yes you can. This tool would be useful if you would not want to download any large software or if you are not at you own computer. This is uses java applet to record your screen.

6. Mockingbird

Another handy tool for project mangers, designers and developers. Simple and easy wire framing for your project. The interface is very easy to use.

7.  Cyclur

If you maintain multiple websites and wanted show feeds between you websites, Cyclur will get the job done with knowing too much coding. Just simple insert your feeds link and customize the look.

8. Flipping Typical

Filpping Typical is an useful online utility for web designer to preview a text in different fonts. Type in the text you want to preview and you will see it right away and it also gives you the font name.

9. DevCheatSheet

A collection all kind of cheat sheets for different markup and scripting languages on the web. Do not need to Google for hours for cheat sheet you saw last week. You can find it in DevCheatSheets.com